Q: When do you deliver?

Saturdays. We make a route the night before for the following day’s deliveries, and we make sure that everyone gets their oysters by the time they want to cook them, although it can sometimes be a good bit earlier in the day. We always welcome phone calls the day of your delivery, and we can give you an approximate delivery time. We will make deliveries on other days for larger orders; please call the office to arrange 843-259-3013

Q: How/when do I pay?

You can prepay with a credit card, please call the office for instructions 843-259-3013. Otherwise, you can pay at the time of delivery with cash (or local check made out to Charleston Oyster Company).

Q: What do I do with the shells after the oyster roast?

A: Please visit http://saltwaterfishing.sc.gov/oyster.html to learn more about oyster shell recycling and for a list of drop-off locations near you!

Q: I’m nervous. What if you don’t show up?

A: This is a common concern with our first time customers, since we haven’t yet earned your repeat business. We appreciate your business and we want you to be comfortable. Please give Carrie a call any time at 843-568-5781. We’ll be happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

Q: How does the order/delivery process work?

A: Call us to place your order, or simply fill out the online order form. We’ll confirm with you via email. The online order form will ask you what time you plan to start cooking the oysters, so we can make sure to get them to you on time. Please feel free to call the office on the morning of your delivery, and we will be able to give you a one hour window in which to expect us, 843-259-3013.
Bushels of oysters are HEAVY. Please ask the delivery driver to put them right where you want them. Tipping is always appreciated.

Q: Is this DHEC approved/safe?

A: All of our procedures are fully DHEC (Department of Helath and Environmental Control) compliant.

Q: Do you cater oyster roasts?

A: We do not cater, but we can put you in touch with someone who will bring everything you need, cook the oysters during your party, and clean up afterwards.

Q: What else do I need for an oyster roast?

A: You’ll need tables to place the oysters on, and trash cans to put the shell in. Designate separate trash cans for shell only, so you can recycle the shell and not have to pick trash out later. You’ll also need oyster knives (common practice is to have guests bring their own oyster knives), rags for holding the oysters as people open them, saltine crackers, cocktail sauce, damp hand towels or paper towels for hand wiping, and outdoor lighting.

Q: How do I cook the oysters?

A: Cooking oysters is pretty easy. Try steaming by placing the oysters on a grill and covering them with a wet burlap sack or towel. Or position a a steel plate over a wood fire, heap the oysters on the steel, then place burlap sacks or towels over the oysters and wet them down. The fire should be large, started well in advance to provide plenty of heat. You can also use a propane burner and steam pots, which I think is the easiest and least mess. The key for any cooking method is to cook the oysters until they just begin to open, and then pull them off the heat source, and serve immediately. Overcooking leads to dry and tough oysters. Call us with any questions; we’re happy to advise! For more info on throwing an oyster roast, please visit http://www.welcomecharlestonsc.com/featured/how-to-host-an-oyster-roast/

Q: Will the oysters be clean?

A: Yes! We wash our oysters thoroughly. Our goal is to have them clean enough to go straight into the cooker without you having to wash them again.

Q:How many bushels should I order?

A: A bushel of oysters will typically feed 4-6 people. If your guests are heavy oyster eaters, or if you will not be serving other food, you probably want to do 1 bushel for every 4 people. If your guests are light oyster eaters, or you are serving other food, you should be fine with 1 bushel for every 6-8 oyster eaters.

Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We deliver to Awendaw, Mt. Pleasant, downtown Charleston, James Island, Johns Island, West Ashley, Summerville, Hanahan, North Charleston, Goose Creek, and Daniel Island. If you are outside of these areas, we can arrange a time and place to meet you for pickup within the delivery area.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum oyster order?
A: Minimum order is 1 bushel. There is no maximum order, but please give us as much notice as you can.

Q: Do you sell singles or clusters?

A: We primarily sell high quality clusters. Bulls Bay singles are frequently available, but please check with us, as we often have them all sold to local restaurants, such as Fleet Landing an Tavern and Table. Singles are $100 for a 100 count bag.

Why are bulls bay oysters the best? just my opinion

Some friends of mine were over for dinner tonight and the question came up…why are our oysters the best? Taste. They’ve got a real salty, sweet taste to them that, when cooked even close to properly, explodes in you mouth. However, I met a lady in Mount Pleasant at the Sea Island shopping center who claimed that her favorite oysters were from up north. I asked why and she said, “I don’t know, they’re just easier to eat. They’re good for a classy occasion.” After hearing that I asked if she thought they tasted better or if she thought it was just easier for the hostess to prepare. She responded, “Well, I guess they have about the same taste but are easier to deal with.” A lot of people are not used to our “cluster” oysters; many people ask me how much a bushel of single oysters cost and when I reply $1 per oyster and I sell them in 100 count bags…2.5 bags will fill a U.S. Bushel basket…so $250 for a bushel of single oysters, give or take. The next question usually is, “How much is a bushel of local bulls bay clusters?” $33 including tax, delivered. I tell them they can buy them for the same price at Crosby’s Seafood, Mt Pleasant Seafood, Simmons Seafood, or other retailers but they’ll have to drive there and put them in their car and then wash the mud off them before cooking them…why not just let me bring them to you washed clean? Call me. jeff 843-568-6380