just say NO to overfishing

We sustainably harvest oysters on 950 acres in the pristine waters of the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge.

We always replant more oysters than we remove. We replant oyster shell substrate (bits and pieces of oyster shell that baby oysters can attach to) and also hundreds of thousands of live oysters every year.

We have developed a system for washing our cluster oysters that, in addition to getting them super clean and ready to eat, creates plantable shell material that builds and sustains our leases. We limit our harvest of cluster oysters; while we could harvest more each week than we do, we realize the need to not overfish and allow the grounds to expand and grow.

our green gear

All of our gear and equipment is designed to protect sea turtles from becoming entrapped. Just being out on the water every day has provided plenty of opportunity to be stewards of our environment. We never miss a chance to help the abundant wildlife living in and around the refuge. Several years ago, Jeff encountered a dolphin that was entangled in fishing line. Miraculously, the dolphin tolerated Jeff catching and gently untangling him. Once set free, the dolphin hung around for a few minutes, as if to say “thank you.” 

creating new oyster reefs

Each year we create new oyster reefs, and it’s a joy to watch them grow and thrive season after season. One of those reefs we named Otto’s reef, because it was planted shortly after our first son, Otto, was born. Ryder’s Reef, named for our younger son, is right by the mouth of the bay and is also a great spot to catch fish. Another is named Captain Wimpy’s reef, after Jeff’s first shrimp boat captain who was very near and dear to his heart.

A portion of every sale goes towards replanting and sustainable harvest. We are always looking for ways to improve and to be better stewards of our environment. We literally live our lives by the tides, and we have nothing but love and respect for the land which sustains us. Please feel free to email us any questions or comments you may have!

tapestry of life

Jeff has birds who come again and again to visit, and is a welcome and expected fixture in the landscape of the Wildlife Refuge. As the seasons change, there is the regular cast of characters on the refuge, both human and animal. They see each other coming and going and are accustomed to one another’s daily rituals. They weave together to form a tapestry of life that beats to the rhythm of nature, ebbing and flowing. It’s true that once this gets into your blood, there is no going back.

We plant.

We harvest.

We deliver…

From the creek to your door since 2001

A portion of proceeds from every sale goes to building new oyster reefs, which filter our oceans and provide food and shelter for countless species of fish and wildlife.